I was diagnosed with breast cancer July 2011. I had a bi-lateral mastectomy a month later August 2011. Had some complications which delayed chemo / radiation. I have to say New Motive Hypnosis has helped me get through chemo / radiation and helped me deal with the pain it causes. If you are dealing with cancer let Pat Murray work with you... you will not be disappointed. Thanks again Pat!
I am an actress on Broadway and a writer. I came to Patrick, however because of a personal relationship crisis. I was losing my sense of self worth in my long term relationship with my husband. Well, with Patrick's help, not only do I feel more present in my relationship, we have also been working on goal setting for many career projects that have presented themself to me. We are working on, and are succeeding in removing my critical mind from my artistic work so that I can stay creative and keep moving forward. I have booked a TV show (never before), finished a play and a webseries, and continue to move forward. I am a convert to this therapy. It is truly helping me stay positive and clear. And a little PS.. We talk a LOT about joy and happiness. It's a bit elusive for a lot of people, but it's appearing more and more!
Patrick helped me to visualize the birth of my child through his childbirth technique. I had a C-section in 2011 and I was told that I might have to have a repeat surgery in 2013. Many doctors prefer that a woman just schedule the C-section to avoid the entire birthing ordeal but I wanted the experience of something natural. Two months before I delivered my son, I had a session with Patrick. He had me visualize the process of welcoming my baby into the world. I loved the techniques that we used in the sessions. It was like putting tools into a toolbox, I was learning new methods to cope and deal with my fears and I was gaining skills to be prepared to accept the ordeal of childbirth with gracefulness. During my next session we went a step further to envision the preliminary events of childbirth, even the events of walking into the hospital with a smile and a sense of peace and calm. I was prepared for every step of my baby’s birth. On my second son’s birthday, I had the best gift. He came to the world just the way I pictured. I couldn’t have created the image of this beautiful event without Patrick. He guided me towards a goal that I could not have pictured without his expertise. His style is graceful and peaceful. Thank you Patrick!
Patrick has the unique ability to zone in to areas of your life that need the most attention, and gives you the tools and confidence to conquer those areas of your life. The hypnosis and sound therapy has enabled me to quit smoking, increase the results of my workouts and hone my artistic talents.
Anyone who feels they would benefit from help improving their outlook on life by easing their mood swings, and having a more optimistic and positive outlook should give hypnotherapy with Patrick Murray a try. Based on my own experience I expect them to see and feel definite benefits.
Garry Dobbins Ph.D